How do you pick the best school for your child?

A correct choice will enrich and enhance your child's life and can impact his or her future.
Finding the right fit, however, can be daunting.
We Can Help.

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We help students and families choose a school that is a good personal match

Take a moment and ask yourself: What do you really want for your children?
What qualities do you hope they develop and take into their adult lives?

Most likely you want them to be happy, independent, and successful.
You want them to enjoy fulfilling relationships and live a life full of meaning and purpose.

Now think about what percentage of your time you spend intentionally developing these qualities in your children and teens.

If you're like most parents, you worry that you spend too much time just trying to get through the day (and sometimes the next five minutes) and not enough time creating experiences that help your children thrive, both today and in the future.

Placing Students in Over 500+ Schools Nationwide

How We Can Help

Decisions about where your child goes to school are very personal and can be difficult. It’s common and normal for parents to feel anxious about getting this decision right.

Choosing a School for Your Child

Discover a Revolutionary Method to Decide What Will Work Best for Your Child’s Personality, Strengths, Needs, and Interests. Our 5-Step Approach Will Distill Your Personal Values, Practical Considerations and School-Specific Factors Into a Unified Simple Scorecard.

Student Organizational Coaching

Your Teen Will Develop Crucial Organization, Time-management, and Personal Productivity Skills and Systems That help Them Become and Stay Confident, Resilient, and Enthusiastic About School and Life.

The Parent K-8 Toolkit

Little Known Ways to Support Your Child's K-8 Education, End Homework Meltdowns, and Build Parent-Teacher Connections

Strategic College Admission Advising

Insider Advice From Veteran College Counselors And Admissions Advisors on How to Navigate the K-12 System, Become a High School Superstar and Hack The College Admissions Process.

Coaching Parents On Raising Resilient Teens

The Ultimate Guide to Preparing Your Child for Life in the 21st Century. New Data Reveals How To Groom Your Child To Be Resourceful, Resilient and Confident

Choosing the right school depends on your personal values, your child’s needs, school-specific factors and financial considerations.

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It has made a world of difference in my home. The fighting has stopped and the responsibility and respect are building every day. So many of the situations described could have come straight from my life with my daughter. As I get better and better at practicing what I am being taught I am regaining my love of being a parent, and Joanna is responding with the love I hoped to have from her. When you get tired of screaming and stressing yourself out over the lack of results all your demands and punishments are bringing, give this advice a try. Keep an open mind. Ceasing to hover or be a drill sergeant is not easy, but I now love being a coaching parent instead.

Jenna Harris

As a psychologist and parent of three elementary-age children, I highly recommend this the team at Best K12. Their concrete strategies empower you to build strong partnerships with teachers and tap your child’s natural motivation to learn.

Robert Colvin

As a former Ivy League admissions officer, I was overjoyed to see an online community that hit the nail on the head regarding selective college admissions and how to take the process in stride. Students will find their 5-step approach extremely useful and admissions officers will be relieved to see applicants who escape the cookie-cutter syndrome.

Wesley S. Hileman