Make the entire web your job board

Why limit your reach to job boards?
We'll help you target the right candidates across thousands of sites and social networks

Up to 20 detailed assignments

Hyper-targeted digital recruiting campaigns

Screening 12x faster

Weekly candidate recommendations & campaign reporting

Remote interview in 3 clicks

Electronic offer letter & relocation support


FREE /user

For those who just want a taste of what we can offer

  • 1 Assignment
  • Up to 2 Interviews
  • Reach a sample of our candidates
  • Support in 48h


€75 /month/user

For those who need a month off for holiday, low-season or other priorities

  • 2 Assignments
  • Up to 6 Interviews
  • Reach 8K candidates
  • Support in 24h


€195 /month/user

A great value package for recruiters that need a healthy candidate flow each month

  • 6 Assignments
  • Up to 16 Interviews
  • Reach 8K targeted candidates
  • Support in 1h


€800 /successful hire

No Hire, No fee.
We do the heavy-lifting. Interview the top 10% of our candidates

  • Candidate Shortlist
  • 3-way Interview
  • Offer Letter Mediation
  • Immediate Support
Need higher precision or volume?
Unlimited Assignments
Unlimited Interviews
Month-to-month, no commitment, cancel anytime!

Hire in 4 easy steps

  • 1
    Create a business profile
  • 2
    List unlimited assignments
  • 3
    Screen and interview your applicants
  • 4
    eSign your offer letter, track their relocation

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  • What is an assignment?

    An assignment is the placement of a recruiting mission on Movinhand. You briefly outline the job description you are searching for, then select from a list of skills & other traits that you wish your candidates to have. After that we get to work! First, we attract people from the most active candidates in our network. Then we offer to build a tailored social ad for your assignment, to bring in candidates that are further out in our network.
  • Where do candidates applying to my assignment come from?

    They come from all our social media channels and referrals. Social is the best channel you will ever find! Candidates only visit job boards every so often; but you can now reach exactly the candidate you need, wherever they may be.
  • How do you reach so many candidates?

    We are experts in social media recruiting and create customized social recruiting ads at scale. This way we reach two to six million highly targeted candidates for our customers every month through three thousand ads, each with custom messaging. This could be a large population of chefs from Italy, teachers from South Africa or a highly-specialized design engineer in the building next door.
  • How do you evaluate which are the most active candidates on your social networks?

    There are a number of factors in our algorithm that help select our most active candidates and we are always improving this selection process. Generally speaking the elements that we take under consideration are: if a candidate is visiting relevant sites and social media content, engaging with Movinhand, providing us with information about their career interests and interacting in a professional way with our customers.
  • Based on what do I see my recommendations?

    We have built an advanced search algorithm that “understands” your needs as you use the service. Depending on the profiles you click on, invite and interview, we will bring you tailored suggestions, which will eventually become more precise the more you make use of Movinhand.
  • What happens if I go over my plan's allotted interviews?

    We'll get in touch before that happens and, with your consent, move you onto a higher plan.
  • What types of payment do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards on our standard plans. If you want to pay quarterly or annually, we can provide you with a discount as well as accept wire transfers. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at for more details.
  • Could you give me some tips for attracting the best available candidates?

    Of course we can. We have gained important insights from our most successful customers, allowing them to hire 3 times faster and better on Movinhand compared to other channels. Go ahead and start a free trial with the Social Recruiter plan and your dedicated account manager will give you some great tips straight away.